Sunday, January 18, 2009
Subject: more stories :)
Janurary 16th, 2009

so Today was pretty fun.
before the funness, I had the academics; history, ELA, Math, Science, and Bible.
it was boring, and we had a substitue that was very...insulting.
he pretty much called me gay because of my TWLOHA hoodie.
but other than that, it was a pretty boring day.
P.E. came, and we had to play dodge ball against the eighth graders.
we lost the majority of the time, but on one, it came down to me and the second strongest student in the eighth grade. I ended up beating him cuz he dropped a ball that i threw at his feet, :P
everyone went crazy fr me cuz i of all people beat him.
but after that,
I went home with cody, stopping by starbucks right before, :]
after I got to his house, we played guitar hero World Tour, and then went over to his cousins house for like, 15 minutes.
after we got back to his house, we ate pizza, and then watched tokyo drift, which was a really good movie.
thenn we went on to bed.

January 17th, 2009

when I woke up that day, cody's dogs were all over me, and that was fun.
theyre all completely huge, well, except for the newest addition.
Leyla, the smallest, slept by me, and refused to move at all, :P
that's always fun when you're freezing your ass off because she's hogging the covers for a pillow, xD
but anyway, i just layed there for an hour or so, and cody finally woke up.
we both got up, and went into the kitchen for breakfeast.
french toast and hot chocolate, which sounds horribly disgusting right now, was absolutely amazing.
after we ate and got situated, we headed to the church/school.
a basketball game in the damn morning >.<
it pissed me off that I had to go and sit there and do nothing for at least an hour.
after the games FINALLY ended, me and mom went back home, and rested for a little while,
at around 4 or 5, I called Katie.
she ended up coming over until 10:30
with a few other guests,
being a very old couple and my 7 year old nephew.
thats always fun, a little boy constantly trying to flirt with your girlfriend and trying to embarress you, ha ha.
we ended up watching a few concerts, and then getting on the computer.
and then dinner came.

turkey and limabeans&&corn.
then...the sickening desert suprise that gave me a damn 24 hour sickness throughout the night.
I didnt sleep that night.
after everyone left, and it was only me, mom, and logan, i stayed on the computer for about an hour or so, and then went to bed.

January 18th, 2009: maybe 2AM?

so, I started hacking up turkey and cinnamon while having diahrea at the same time, ha ha, how fun is that?
not at all.
I tried going to sleep, but my stomach and emotions woke me up about every 30 minutes telling me to go shit/hurl.
it sucked. alot.
after doing this maybe 5-6 times, nothing was in my body, except for a tiny amount of water that kept me hydrated.
so i finally got to sleep.
when I woke up, I threw up once more, and that would be it.
I played american wasteland for about 3 - 5 hours, just to pass time, and then got mad and bored, so i shut it off.
about an hour after that, I was on the computer, and logan was leaving.
thats pretty much all I did, then I started talking to katie from about 5-11.
both of us talk it up :]
at around 8:30, i wasn't sick anymore, so i was relieved, and I was listening to my happy music at that time.
[jack johnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, etc.]
so, yeah. boring day.
and then I got off after writing this blog, and hoped i could sleep.


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