Thursday, January 15, 2009
Subject: day 3 and 4.
sorry guys, I forgot yesterday, cuz I was REALLLY busy.

January 14, 2009.

today was....intresting.
much drama, as always,
but this time, rumors began too sprout throughout the school.
I was used to it, though.
Chealsea and Tevin were making out in the dark hallway.
Ashley and Marcus were making out in the hallway [HA! he wishes, lol.]
and a few others, but anyway.
the real thing was that they were all playing hide and seek, and the most probable place to hide was, well, the dark hallway.
Of course, a buch of immature, but older 7th and 8th graders could be expected...more, like what was happening, and all of the rumors were completely in place, but I don't think that Ashley was bi/lesbian, and I didn't think Tevin THAT much to chealsea.
DRAMA drama drama.
this was all before the basketball game, of course.
I believe the Paladins [our team] won by about 10-15 points.
I barely watched.
I was mainly with my friends cody and brandon, out on the playground, doing pretty much nothing, mainly because the swings were wet, so we just ran around like the little retards we are, actin like ninjas. Of course, in our stupid behavior, someone was bound to get hurt, ha ha.
It was lucky me. I was too unsensible to notice the thorn bush in front of me as I ran for the cemetary, luckily, I had a jacket and jeans on...
about 15-20 stuck in my jacket's sleeve. I got cut by one, but other than that, all was good.
after all of that, we just werely sat and watched the players beast the other team, and listened to very annoying 4-5 year old cheerleaders chant different cheer routines in our ears.
but over all, it was a good day.
after I got home, I briefly talked to katie, and then read 50-100 pages of Breaking Dawn.
after that, I went to bed.
[this was actually the day before, and I just realized that after I typed this. the 14, I went to church, that was probrably the most exciting part about it. end, x3]

January 15, 2009

I was weary and very tired this morning, barely remembering a thing about this past week, the only thing I knew was that I had to go to school, and help someone to not cry.
this week was 'spirit week' at our school, and today was 'paladin day', as in everyone had to dress up in our school colors and paint their faces with our name. I, of course, didnt. I personally hate this school, :P
anyway, practically everyone I saw was dressed in our colors, and it got annoying around the middle of the day.
I had a few quizzes in a few of my classes, and I had to list the ten commandments in order for my 'pre exam test'. I think I got 4 and 5 mixed up, but whatever, it wasn't a grade or anything.
everyone was acting up, as always.
I still wonder how much longer I'll be able to sustain sanity around these 'peers' of mine.
thankfully, I had something to look forward to.
I get to go to my friends' house tomorrow, and he's completely sane, no immaturity outside of school within him...for the most part, but don't we all have our child-like moments at times? I constantly tell myself this, that and 'if one of these kids were in public school, they would probrably die.' they're all like ancient India, secluded from the world, but all the while thinking that they're the center of everything. like they're at the top of the world...

yeah right.

but anyway, we had two games following school, this time B-team AND JV. and of course, I had to stay for both of them, and sit through at least one game to wait for cody to get off the court, so I could be not bored for the rest of the time.
After both games, I got to go to starbucks, and I got my venti White Chocolate Mocha :]
I was pleased when I was suprised by my Science/ELA teacher, as he walked into the entrance to heaven :3.
I was glad to see him, and he, my mother, and I all had a very nice talk about movies, and literature...and the childish, new teenagers in my class.
after that was done, and we were all finished with our drinks, my mother and I left, and he stayed to read some of his books.

When I got home, I got through 3 1/2 pages worth of history and math homework.
annd now I'm here.

again, I apologize about not updating yesterday's blog, but I made up for it :]
until tomorrow,



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