Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Subject: day 1.
today was tiring, and very...dramatic.
nothing too special, but I got 2-300 pages of breaking dawn in today.
went to a basketball game, and listened to myself think about...everything.
soo, not too much happened today...
but I do have a decision or two to make.
*sighs* what to do. I have too many...questions, answers, and phrases in my head, constantly spinning, and I doubt a romance novel for teens isn't helping in the least.
damn it all, why can't middle school drama be not complicated?
I can't wait to get to high school, it'll be a bit easier than this.
this is freaking overwhelming.
what with mid terms and all...well, at least i have Izzy and Krystina to look forward to.

man, this is short.
well, i guess until tomorrow.



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